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Updated: Jul 24, 2022

I'm not going to start by listing all the reasons why having a side gig can be an exceptionally good idea. As a busy working mom your time is probably already maxed out- and then some. But even though I write a lot here for stay at home moms and side gigs that cater more to SAHM's, the current market calls immensely for the benefit of a side hustle for every woman. Never have we been faced with so much adversity and faced with so many obsticals as providers and as caretakers. So whether you are looking to earn extra spending money, help offset this insane inflation we are currently experiencing or to beef up your skill set on your resume hoping to land a bigger better gig in the near future- here are 10 side hustle ideas for all of you busy working moms!

1. Writing for Mommy Blogs

As a stay at home blogger, I know first hand that writing can be a very rewarding and lucrative endeavor. Writing and blogging is a pretty cool gig because it doesn't take much in terms of up front costs to get started. All you need is your computer, your writing skills and to market yourself a little bit. Writing is an ever growing industry that is in high demand and could open many doors for you in the future. If you want more information on how to get started I will recommend visiting - Here is a piece that Elna Cain wrote for beginner writers to find freelance writing gigs.

2. Photography

This will depend on your skill set, everyone has their own unique starting point. Find your photography niche, is it family travel, stock photos for stay at home mom blogs? Earning money with photography can be fun and exciting. You most likely will need to develop your photography skills, know basic editing software and also have a basic knowledge of SEO and social media. Once you get the ball rolling and have your portfolio set up then the sky is the limit.

Common ways photographers make money

- Selling photos to magazines

- Weddings

- Family Portraits

- Blogs and selling stock photos online

How much you earn will depend on how you utilize all the ways you can market yourself and make money.

3. Teach a second language online

It's true, most large online teaching companies require you to have a 4 year college degree or TEFL certificate- there are some smaller companies that will allow you to get your feet wet in teaching a second language without investing in a certification. Although getting certified is highly recommended and will open more doors for you if you do not have a 4 year college degree.

Teaching English online can earn you $10-$20 per hour to start if you hold a TEFL certificate and this pay scale increases with experience.

4. Create a product to sell online

This can be as simple as creating custom travel mugs or as complex as creating ... oh gosh I don't know ... the next flying automobile (like in the Jetsons... remember?! okay maybe I'm dating myself). anyway seriously now, to get this started you should probably be excited about a specific product. The holy grail of business sense in product marketing is to have a product that isn't easily copied to limit competition and drive all the business to YOU. But, there is also so much space for personalized variations of products that are already out there or private labeling (think vitamins, or your local Costco knock off brands... yea that's what they are doing - private labeling). So if you're really passionate about a product and know the industry somewhat well, then its worth getting started with researching and testing out your ideas. Who knows it could lead to being the next Spanx like empire.

5. Earn points online

I find this one of the easiest ways to earn some extra spending cash. And I currently use this system - you can earn hundreds, if not thousands a year through online survey companies such as swagbucks. You earn in multiple different ways such as coupon printing + redemption, playing games, taking surveys and watching videos!

If you were able to earn $100 a day that would equal $36,500 a year!!! But lets say that's too aggressive a goal...maybe break that down to about $28 a day and you have a cool 10K a year to play with. That's nothing to scoff at.... if you take that 10K and invest in an index fund you could be well on your way to financial freedom gaining 10% yearly.

6. Tutoring students

There is a lot of opportunity tutoring students. Tutors provide academic instruction for children or a group of children outside the classroom. If you are proficient in one academic area or have a specialized talent this could be a great side gig for you! Turtoring could earn upwards of $30 and hour. Here are some ideas to think about if you're interested in teaching as a side gig.

Homeschool Pods

Subject Based Tutoring; Math, Science, Reading, Writing, English, Spanish, French etc. (you get the idea)

Special needs or development

Specialty Sports; gymnastics, karate, or other sports that need a private trainer

How to get a side gig tutoring? You could start by reaching out to your local school district and see what they would require for you to register with the district. Or reach out to a few local private sports teams to see what services you could get involved in. Sometimes you may need or it would benefit to get a tutoring license which you can find here.

7. Website and Graphic Design

If selling a product online wasn't really your jam, maybe selling your creative services online is. There are hundreds of graphic designers and tech savvy website designers selling their designs on Etsy. If you enjoy creating a beautiful website and brand for others this is the place to be. Hone in your specific design aesthetic create a few samples to display and sign up for a selling account - voila you're off and running.

8. Start a recycling business

This really isn't the most common part time gig out there. But to start, find where you could cash in materials of value such as aluminum cans or plastic soda bottles and ask your family and friends if you could pick up their recycling for free. Of course you'd have to cost it all out and see how much you'd need to collect to cover gas and fees involved but it may be worth your while.

9. Start a Youtube channel

Owning a YouTube business will take a lot of time upfront and loads of consistency! But there is a market for almost any topic you can think of - from knitting and playing with kids toys to eating loads of food on camera! If you can think it, it's probably got a space and good following on YouTube just waiting for your unique videos. So if you have some time to spare, you can simply get started with just your smart phone and a tripod.

10. Put your hard earned money into investments

This one comes with a little more risk and upfront capital but well worth it if you're good at it. Invest or trade your extra money. Investing is probably the option with the least amount of risk involved, and investing in a good index fund that pays dividends will only help you create more and more financial security. But if you want to walk a little on the wild side, trading a small amount of your savings to earn a profit is also a very popular way to make money.

Thanks for reading! modern housewife blog

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