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Fall is in the air and this time of year we are typically planning our fall activities, apple picking, decorating the house, picking up our pumpkins and planning our costumes for all our halloween festivities. Unfortunately for some of us we are faced with having to tailor our fun to local health regulations due to Covid-19. With that, I thought I would put together a short list of my top 5 favorite ideas of how to make halloween special this year for the whole family no matter how socially distanced you need or want to be.

1. Halloween Party at Home

We are not all in quite the same boat during these pandemic times and for those of us who can have small groups of people together outdoors it may be fun to invite some of your children's closest friends for a spooky halloween party. Decorate your yard, maybe even light a bonfire if you have older kids and pop on your favorite spooky playlist to enjoy a night outside with friends roasting marshmallows, hitting a halloween theme piñata and playing silly socially distanced games with the kids.

2. Spooky Evening In

I don't blame you one bit if you want to just hang in and watch some of your tried and true favorite halloween movies with the fam. Make it special by making a halloween inspired dinner either on a theme you and your family makes up for the night or something spooky like pizza stuffed skull calzones with "dirt pie" for dessert, and maybe even throw in a small grab bag full of fun halloween stickers, toys and bitesized candy treats.

3. Pimp Out Your House

Something fun that the whole neighborhood can enjoy and of course if you can muster up the time and energy, is to go all out and decorate the entire house with halloween decorations, carved pumpkins and other spooky trinkets. Spread the word to your friends, family and neighbors and let them know to drive by to check out the spectacular scene... maybe another way of making a little extra fun is to come up with a scavenger hunt list of things your friends can find while on your drive around town.

4. Spooky Story Trunk Party

Another great way to get kids engaged in something fun during this time is to have a trunk party. Gather a group of friends and plan to meet somewhere you can all park your vehicles around a circle and sit in the open truck or hatchback. Decorate the back of your vehicles to add some extra pizzaz to the occasion and dress up in cool costumes. In a true spooky fashion take turns passing the flashlight over and reading a few of your favorite halloween books - or just wing it with some crazy scary stories.

5. Keeping Tradition

In the end if you still want to go the traditional route or your neighborhood isn't calling off the trick or treaters, you can opt for contact free trick or treating - it can be fun for your kids even if you don't plan to take them out that night, have them spend some time during the week making small crafts and putting them in grab bags with a few pieces of candy (allergy free! of course) some stickers and other inexpensive age appropriate goodies. Once your goodie bags are made hang them in the front of your house or place them on your door stoop with a friendly sign to take one... replenish between visitors. and if your especially worried about germs let your goodie bags sit at least over night before you serve them up to the neighbors.

Tell me, what are your favorite unconventional ways to celebrate halloween? let me know in the comments.


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