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Working from home is a dream for many... but even more a necessity for women. Even though dads have a thousand percent stepped up to the plate in sharing home responsibilities, childcare and work- tending to children and the home are still primary responsibilities most women juggle day after day. With maternity leave being so short, and work life balance being non existent until your children are self sufficient its more important than ever for women to have solid career choices that offer some level of flexibility. Here are 5 high paying jobs in growing industries that you can build into a long term career from home.

1. Software Engineer

Being a "techy" isn't a boys club - but they do need more women in the industry! Entry level tech jobs if you're living around a coastal U.S. city start easily at $80,000 yr. But even if you are in the south or mid-west being in tech will reward you with higher paying job options regardless. You can get started by completing a bootcamp to learn a coding language that appeals to you and that can be a solid foot in the door to a very lucrative software engineering career (many experienced software engineers make over $200,000 yr. even working from home!)


As I said previously you will need some education to get started. Many start by learning a coding language such as Java, C++ and so on... follow that up by working your way through a Bachelors program, or even going all the way through a masters program and you can be bringing in some serious income.

2. Architectural Drafter

If you have a love for construction, design and architecture this industry can be a very lucrative career choice... and can be even better paying without having to get into the sales end of the design job market. Architectural drafting can be done from anywhere all you need is a computer and the know how to use most design and engineering software such as Revit and Autocad (for the U.S).

An architectural drafter can make an average of $65,000 a year with a starting average salary of about $42,000 depending where in the country you live and your level of education. Lots of people make a career out of being a drafter and love working along side many licenced designers and architects.


Finding online certificate courses for Revit or AutoCAD will get your foot in the door but having an associates or bachelors degree in architecture or interior design will take your career up a notch and allow you to advance over the long haul.

3. Blogging

I know this is everywhere on the internet and is commonly sold as a quick and easy money making work from home option - to be upfront and honest its not. It takes a lot of work to get to a point where you're making a regular income from it. But if you have time on your hands and can give it a go with no return for a while to build it up then blogging can be very lucrative. I'm going to plug one of my favorite bloggers here. Elna Cain, a mommy blogger that teaches you all about blogging and how she built multiple blogs from scratch and how they have all become streams of income!

As far as pay goes, there are no guarantees you will make enough money for it to be a sustainable long term career- but there are many bloggers that bring home over $100,000 a year through ad revenue, sales of products and endorsements. So if you're a self driven type willing to do your research, hone your writing skills and focus on the business of blogging you can be just as successful.


Technically, you don't need any formal education, however, you do need to know about your niche topic enough to be able to create thorough content and serve your readers well. If you aren't an experienced writer and don't know anything about having a business online then it would also be in your best interest to invest in blogging courses that teach you the best practices in getting a blog up an running and how to effectively manage your time.

4. Legal Transcriptionist

If you have strong typing skills and secretarial work seems appealing to you then maybe a legal transcriptionist job is for you. Legal Transcriptionists listen to recordings from lawyers and paralegals and transcribe them into legal documents such as pleadings, discoveries, agreements etc. Whats great about it is that you can work anywhere just like the rest of the jobs on this list, but you can also freelance if you need a flexible work schedule, instead of working for a company that will make you commit to also working a specific amount of hours per day and week. You can have the flexibility to make your own rules and work around your schedule.

The national average pay is about $34,000 yr. but can go as high as $60,000 + and if you're taking on your own clients, then the sky is the limit to how much you could earn.


On top of having good grammar knowledge and listening skills you will need to be proficient in transcription software, exhibit strong proofreading skills and know the standard word processing software such as Microsoft Excel and Word. You can find courses online to help kickstart your new career in legal transcription.

5. Financial Analyst

The world of finance is so vast, and there are so many avenues you can go down in terms of career- but what's great about it is that its literally all digital! Gone are the days you need to be on the trading floor to be a stock trader and with the computers revolutionizing money management systems over the years you can do anything from financial consulting to accounting remotely - thanks Excel! As a financial analyst your responsibilities would include analyzing financial data and forecasting, preparing financial plans and documents based on financial data and studying business and economic trends amongst other things.

Financial Analyst jobs are on an industry growth path according to glass door. And with the average national salary around $74,000 it looks like a great career path for anyone with a love for numbers, money and attention to detail.

If you're looking for flexibility and high pay - just think, someday you could be the next female Warren Buffet ;)


Getting your foot in the door will require a bit of education to back you up - entry level jobs typically require a bachelors degree, however, if you're thinking of a long term career path and can enroll in the proper college program you may be able to score an entry level job sooner through the university. Keep in mind, having a diversified resume that shows competency and previous employment is more than half the battle to getting hired and a lot of education comes with on the job training.

And there you have it - our top 5 choices for high paying jobs that you can do from home or anywhere! Hope you enjoyed this post - if you did we would greatly appreciate a share on your favorite social media platform.

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