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I've Blogged on and off now for about 5 years - and finally found my niche in blogging that gives me the most joy and what I am literally living day in and day out -motherhood and everything that encompasses life as a SAHM. but even though it took me years of trial and error - I'm sure things will be different for you, because truth be told I am a bit of an over thinker and I'll be the first to admit I need a good slap across the face at times to snap myself out of a mental rabbit hole of over analyzing. And, if I'm honestly speaking, it has been a frustrating process in trying to figure it all out on my own. I even ended it all at one point convinced that this is just not the type of work that I'm meant for... committing to never register a domain online ever again! Well I'm glad I didn't follow through with that ha ha. What I want to share with you today is the very broad and basic elements to think about from the very beginning- this is a down and dirty basic list of where you should start thinking about before you start a blog.

1. Thinking about your brand from the beginning

This will be an ever evolving project, but if you think of your niche topic as a brand straight from the beginning it will be easier to adapt as it grows. So what do you want to write about? Find your niche look at other large websites and blogs with similar niche topics and start creating from the perspective of having a brand that can adapt and expand.

2. Its all about content

Find the content you enjoy writing about, but also that gets enough interest through your marketing strategy. In the beginning it will be through hashtags, good social media marketing and keywords that rank well on Google.

It will take at least 6months to see results. Start off with the understanding you will be doing the work for at least a year with consistency with no return. During this time you should be looking for what is working and what is not working, educating yourself in areas that you are not so proficient in and overtime things will turn around.

3. Blogging is not dead. period.

Well, you know what - blogging isn't what it used to be but bloggers in the game only a few years now are still gaining very lucrative profits. At the very least blogging is your gateway to marketing another product or service that you have created. When things seem like they aren't going anywhere, keep in mind that this industry is just like every other one, it is continuously changing, so commit to building this into the business you want and keep changing and adapting as the industry grows.

4. Know your Social Media Marketing Strategy

Social media is as much of a full time job as blogging itself. Pick what works, and experiment with different things and drop what doesn't work. I've seen a lot of courses mention Pinterest is still the go-to for blog marketing... find out what each platform "loves" and how users use it and stick to a consistent schedule that you're capable of maintaining.


5. SEO

When you are just starting out it is very important to learn SEO - what it is and how it works. Learn these ropes from the very beginning even if it's something that you are learning from free resources to save money. Starting this early will set you up for success later on in this process and push you though a major learning curve.

Are you a content creator / freelance writer? We're open to working with you - contact us here to connect.

So let me know in the comments- have you been blogging long?




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