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Updated: Dec 30, 2021

I started blogging about a year after I decided to leave my full time career in the interior design world. At first I thought it was a no brainer, leave a toxic corporate work environment to nurture my new baby and get some much needed down time from my hectic 9-5... and even though I didn't completely LOVE housework and cooking 3 meals a day even before the baby came, I was drawn towards being a stay at home mom.

It was great at first, but then reality started to set in. You see, we weren't in the financial position to save money long term and build financial stability without my full time income. Don't get me wrong, my husbands salary covered our living expenses but it was tight - and that caused me so much guilt and anxiety about our future that I couldn't just enjoy being home and not earning an income. So my husband and I made a plan, I would go back to full time work once the kids were in school, my husband looked for extra work so we could have more wiggle room in our finances, and, in the mean time, I started to research side hustles that could keep me busy and maybe create extra income in the mean time.

And I started a blog...

Yes, I started a blog, one of the hardest ways to make money online ha ha. To be honest I wasn't really thinking of how difficult it would be, I just knew I was kind of good at writing and there were some ways to generate income while marketing my skills through a blog. I also researched and read that blogging is a great side hustle for a stay at home mom so that also peaked my interest.

It took me a long time to see the value in building a blog once I got started. It was difficult to build the amount of content needed to start monetizing ads and generating money. This was the only side hustle for a sahm that I found that didn't pay overnight (not like running delivery or driving with Uber). Seeing its potential to be a stream of income that could actually help our household outside of paying for a coffee a month was difficult.

The thing about it though... I was right...its not a job, a side hustle for the average stay at home mom, or and easy stream of income, it's a business. As I started thinking about how my content can help people, especially women, it started to click. Instead of a traditional business where you may create a product or offer a service, I'm taking the backward approach - I'm marketing. Marketing is business - without it you have none. So I started to think about my business instead of my blog. I took my side hustle mentality to the next level and tried to marry engaging content with what people want.

My job as a blogger highlights my ideas, writing skills, my opinions, expertise, and content that I think will help my audience. My job as business manager is to generate money. These two concepts are continually striving for a balance.

So here are 5 ways I focus on earning money from my blog, and how you can too.

1. AD's

The first tier of generating a profitable business in the blogging sector. Ads will generate passive income for your website. Each piece of content you write will be an income generator through the ads you place on your pages. You can expect to generate .01 to .25 per page view, which may not sound like a whole lot but as your website grows and you work on targeting keywords that bring in readers, it can really add up. Ad revenue is just one layer of the bigger financial picture.

2. Affilate Links

Companies like target and amazon (among many many others) offer you commission when someone clicks the affiliate links you provide on your website. The more traffic you generate through engaging and relevant content to your readers, the more click through rates you acquire and more passive income you can generate through your website. Some bloggers are able to rake in 20k a month with a well established blog that offers many quality affiliate links, so I'd say its worth all that hard work to get your blog up and running.

3. Freelance Writing

You are the star of your business until you can afford to hire help. That means you will be doing the hard work to generate income for yourself. Freelance writing is one of the best additional side hustles to add to your repertoire get the ball rolling on generating income for yourself and your business. Writing for other well established websites will help you gain exposure and make business relationships that can help boost your success in the future. You are your business and this is just yet another stream of income you can utilize to your benefit.

4. Investments

This is going to come with little bit of business advice and yes, I know, it's a little unconventional. But to be fair, all businesses acquire multiple streams of income and diverse set of products to hit their "bottom line" and the blogging biz is no different. As soon as you start earning income, my advice would be to set up a new checking account to deposit all of your money into. Get in the habit of treating blogging and writing like a separate entity even long before you have to incorporate yourself. Then you pay yourself from that income - but only what you need for yourself or your family - what do you do with the rest? INVEST IT. I put my extra money into index funds that generate income on the money I've put in from my blog.

Fidelity has a great way to manage cash and investments with their cash management account. But if you want something more user friendly, or are interested in investing your hard earned money in crypto then Webull may be a better fit for you.

5. Products

Products are very lucrative once you're following is established. You can start to sell your own unique products, drop ship products for a commission or offer and market a service on your blog that you have a special expertise in. Offering products for sale can reap massive cash-flow. Creating and selling products will take a lot more of your time and energy turning your blog into a full time business. You'll be transitioning away from only having a passive income stream, but its well worth the time and effort to manage a fully functioning business and having unlimited potential for income generation.

Making money online isn't easy, blogging was once a set it up and forget it business that worked so easily online, but nowadays there is so much competition for content and ranking that making money is harder than ever. Follow these 5 proven ways to help develop and grow your business and you won't be disappointed.

If you need help coming up with ideas that you can integrate into your blog business, check out 10 Side Hustle Ideas for Stay at Home Moms. You will find a wealth of information and ideas you can start creating your business empire today!

Disclaimer: this article includes links to some promotional or sponsored businesses. We get a commission every time you click or follow through with an affiliate link. Not all links are sponsors or affiliates we try our best to provide our readership with the best possible resources and product referrals.

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