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Updated: May 6, 2021

I think it's safe to say whether you are a 9-5 office mom, a work from home mom or a stay at home mom we all have a lot on our plates. Whether it be endless cleaning, managing temper tantrums, helping your kids hit milestones, getting quality family time, taking care of yourself, the list goes on and on so how can we possibly juggle all of the things that we need to get done in a day? Here are 7 ways you can get more done today!

1. Have a to- do list

The biggest secret to getting more done is to have one place to corral all of your things from bill reminders, cleaning and organizing projects to ideas you may have, work tasks... everything. Your to do list should consist of every single thing that needs your attention - does your kitchen floor need to be washed? Put it on the list. It's important to keep it all in one place so that the small things don't slip through the cracks and you won't end up overwhelmed by everything you forgot you needed to do. Having a to-do list will help keep you organized.

2. Explore time and work management systems

It may not come naturally to manage your day and home life the same way you'd manage your work time however, according to mind tools time management can reduce your stress, help keep you focused and in control of your day. Work smarter not harder. Here are a couple of time management systems that have grown in popularity;

Bullet journaling- A mindful approach to a to-do list, this approach focuses on journaling and tracking goal progress both for personal and professional goals.

Time blocking: Every single thing that is on your to-do list takes a certain amount of time to complete...ever get only half way through your to-do list in a day and feel defeated? This is where time blocking can be a powerful motivator.. you designate an amount of time to each task that you think you'll need and let your calendar be your guide, seeing your day all laid out gives a realistic view of how much you'll be able to accomplish that day.

Kanban- Think Trello; a visual card approach to lists and productivity, and is great for people who need to see the big picture of things. It's a very visual approach to productivity.

For the 9-5 mom... being under the thumb of your boss doesn't leave much room to completely customize how and when you get things done, but you can identify what parts of your job you do have control of and manage your work time differently than your personal time. Bullet journaling may be best for your home life, while kanban method or time blocking would be more appropriate for the office.

3. Develop a morning routine

This isn't just about self care, the beginning of the day and what you do to set up your day is just as important as winding down and ending your day with a good routine. The beginning of your day sets you up for success and can give you a sense of control and accomplishment- find a routine that makes you feel refreshed, and ready to attack your to-do list.

4. Run toward your day

Elite performers swear by this, yes I know that I'm comparing you to the world of elite performers like Michael Jordan ha ha, and that seems weird and out of touch ... but aren't we also a collective group of stay at home or work from home mom elite performers? There are days I feel like I'm running a marathon and I actually go to bed tired and sore! Ladies, what we do isn't easy and there is definitely something to this concept that we can utilize in the home- you can really hit your to-do list out of the park if you approached your day as if you needed to get it all done by noon. The effort you put into each task regardless of how low of a priority it is will dictate how much more you can get done before you turn in for the evening. Imagine waking up tomorrow morning and being able to get double the the amount of work and tasks done than you ever have before - its a game changer!

5. Self care

Taking care of yourself is crucial to your productivity, getting enough sleep, reducing stress, and making time for things you enjoy can indirectly make you more motivated to get things done. It's no longer a secret that burn out and stress are horrible for your mental health and according to WebMD it also wreaks havoc on your body accounting for up to 90% of all doctors visits. Make some time in your schedule for you to find your zen and you may just start seeing a positive shift in your productivity too.

6. Utilize your resources

You don't have to do everything yourself, know your priorities and your strengths - could you be more productive if you had someone coming in once a week to dust and mop? Outsource small tasks that get in the way of bigger and more meaningful priorities .

7. Put a pause on social media

Social media is great entertainment. I love catching some motivating, dreamy inspiration on Pinterest or Instagram and those new Tic Toc videos just may have gotten me through the pandemic. But social media has a down side- it is notoriously a time sucker, and is shown to negatively affect mental health by triggering negative emotions and ptsd - not exactly the ideal way to start your day is it?

If you have a habit of scrolling through your social media first thing in the morning replace it with an activity that promotes more positive thinking and you will be starting your day off in the right way to be the most productive.

Productivity is something we can all use a little more of. As a mom there are just so many responsibilities to tend to daily it can seem overwhelming at times - but taking care of yourself, staying organized and motivated will certainly help you accomplish more. So tell me, what are your best productivity tips? Let me know in the comments!


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