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Updated: Jan 6

its so hard to find the motivation to clean every nook and cranny of the home! but it has to be done right - seriously what would happen if we never cleaned the stove agin?? asking for a friend :)

Over the years I've cooked with both gas and electric stoves and there are definitely pros and cons to each, I find that using an electric stove comes with many benefits; there is no risk of gas emissions into the home, they just as easy to cook with, and in most cases the newer models are easier to keep clean. Unfortunately they are are no self cleaning stove tops on the market (I've checked).

Why can't they just make a stove that magically cleans itself already?! Now that would be a million dollar idea! Because honestly, as a stay at home mom, the last thing I am motivated to clean out is the stove... but it gets soooo gross! motivation cleaning

Well, until the day comes that stoves find their own motivation to stay clean I guess I'll just have to keep on keeping on.

So without further adieu here are the our picks of cleaning products to try, and how you can clean your electric stove! We can soon sit back and relax knowing that that yucky burner buildup is gone!

DIY- kitchen appliance cleaning detergent.

This solution is pretty much an easy go-to multi purpose cleaner since it can be used to clean most kitchen appliances including both glass top electric stoves and coil burner stoves, and what's great about it is that its made with ingredients you'd generally have in your pantry.

What you'll need:

Baking soda


Dish detergent -optional if you have a greasy mess

What to do:

Simply mix baking soda with a little water until it forms a paste with a thickness to your liking (thicker if you need to do a light scour on a surface).

Why it works

It seems too good to be true that you can just raid your pantry for effective cleaning products but baking soda is the real deal when it comes to cleaning - and the best part is that so cost effective. Its used to neutralize both acids and bases and is a great deodorizer. Used on a stove top as a light scouring agent make it into a paste or use it a little bit more diluted its your choice.

If your not into DIY cleaning detergents then purchasing great eco-friendly cleaning products is another great choice.

Other All - Natural Cleaning Detergents

Norwex Cleaning Paste - is considered elbow grease in a jar and is a great eco-friendly alternative to harsh abrasive chemicals. You can see how I clean with it by checking out one of my speed cleaning videos - I hope you find them motivating.

Method Heavy Duty Degreaser - is a heavy duty grease cutter made with plant based materials and is a cruelty free product.

Shadazzle Muliti Purpose Natural Cleaner - shadazzle gets great reviews on amazon. The multi purpose paste is not only great for cleaning your electric stove top but its save and effective on all surfaces. At a price point of around $10 its both economical and ecological.

More Detergents that get Great Reviews

If you aren't hyper focused on staying on the eco-friendly cleaning trend then these products are great options to try!

Weiman Glass Top Stove Cleaner - This non-abrasive cleaner is a biodegradable stove top cream cleaner that works on baked on messes and grease stains. With over 13,000 reviews on amazon it is highly ranked for a commercial cleaning product trying to compete in the all natural market. Weiman also makes cooktop cleaning sprays if a cream application isn't your thing.

Cerama Bryte- Cerma claims to be the #1 cooktop brand in America. Their products are safe for all radiant cooktops and boasts over 6,000 amazon reviews with a 5 star ratings boasting its ease of use and effective cleaning.

Once you have your cleaning solution decided on, next is the "how to"...

How to clean a coiled electric stove

First, remove the coils and drip pans, there should also be a way to lift up the top portion of the stove (kind of like a car hood). If there are burnt pieces of food or loose mess underneath then clean that out first. If your stove doesn't lift then that's fine it will be the same process to clean.

Next, apply your cleaning solution of choice and let sit for a couple of minutes (but remember to check the directions of the solution you are using if its not home made). Then wipe everything down with a damp cloth or microfiber. Check the results and repeat if necessary.

If you're using the dish detergent on a greasy stovetop then wash with the soap and wipe clean before scouring with baking soda to remove burnt on gunk.

Then, once clean, move on to cleaning your stove coils and drip pans... wash your coils with a scrubby sponge and some soap and water. Alternatively, you can use a bit of baking soda and a cloth to wipe them down with since most coils are durable and scratch resistant. Please note that the coils should be removed and washed separately so that water doesn't affect any electrical connections.

Once everything is clean and dry then its time to reassemble the coils and drip pans and close the stove. Voila! a clean stovetop!

How to clean a glass top electric stove

Glass tops are a bit easier to clean, but having the right product matters. A lot of times build up starts forming around the burner from overspill when cooking and can get caked onto the glass from the heat of the burner.

First, try wiping the glass top clean with water and either your typical cleaning cloth or sponge .... or use my favorite option- microfiber. Wiping down the glass top with just a little water will remove all of the easy mess, if you have oil or grease on there you could also try using a multipurpose spray or dish soap and washing it off well before tackling the hard burned on stuff.

Next, get out your cleaning cloth and tackle the burners, either by soaking them in a little cleaner (read the directions on the product you're using) or if you're using paste you'll most likely rub the burned on mess with the paste and your damp cloth. When that's done wipe clean and rinse out your towel. If there is still mess on the glass top burners you may need to get back to it with a second round of soaking or scrubbing depending on which product you're using.

That just about wraps up how to clean your electric stove top let me know in the comments what cleaning products you absoultely love to keep your kitchen clean!

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