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Updated: Jan 6

cleaning motivation

AHHH CLEANING! The chore of motherhood that keeps on giving and giving. Honestly, I would have never believed you if you told me pre-motherhood that I would be so bogged down with cleaning food, crumbs, laundry and the occasional pukey toddler mess over and over again. And little did I know that that alone would kill any sense of normalcy in my life ha ha... but alas here we are. Admittedly, I am not a neat freak by nature, I can barely muster the motivation to clean a room in my house on a weekly basis let along be motivated to keep my floors so clean you could eat off them. Heck, before I had kids you'd be lucky to see me clean any mess before I was ready to or in the mood to, I wore my clothes from the clean clothes basket and hardly ever put anything away- it's almost embarrassing to admit.

Everything changed though, I don't know when or how it happened but I think along the way I realized that being in an unclean and unorganized home with a newborn (and later 2 under 2) was no way to be successful as a stay at home mom. I was also being sleep deprived, and responsible for the multitude of other chores that needed to be tended to, and having an unclean home just made everything harder.

Over time I slowly started to develop a cleaning routine that fit my schedule and personality- its been a slow progression of creating new habits but it really helps keeps my sanity.

This is how I get it all done.


On the daily, there is just a lot of quick cleanups happening its all very necessary otherwise it would take 3 days to get the house back into order once its fallen apart. I know this because it happens from time to time but I just take it with stride and get myself reset.

7am or so.. We wake and as I get up I tend to make the bed really quick if my hubby is also up. So check! That's done!

then, I get breakfast rolling and tidy up as I go along, or if we've had a bad week I will have dishes waiting for me from the night before - and I'm okay with that honestly sometimes life just gets in the way of perfection :) but if its there in the morning then I'm loading and unloading the dishwasher and trying to get myself back on a reasonable schedule.

Mid morning, I throw a load of laundry in if the bin is full. This has turned into a daily task because it's really the only way it can stay caught up. Occasionally the laundry does get backed up if I'm busy with another priority and that ends up going on my back burner, but, I try very hard not to go down that rabbit hole, otherwise I will be swimming in laundry. I get to the folding and put the laundry away as the day unfolds...although sometimes it doesn't happen until the kids are in bed.

Afternoons, right around the time we are serving lunch I pick up messes on table tops and do a quick after lunch cleaning. I also run my robotic vacuum if there is a need - and before my life with Roomba I would sweep up crumbs and mess the good old fashioned way!

Nightly, we pick up toys - I even turn this into a learning experience for the kids and get them to sort toys by size or color to make it fun, or just straight up pick up their messes and put everything in a bin as fast as I can get it done.


Once a week I do a whole house clean - top to bottom! Its so much easier to clean a clean house - as ridiculous as that sounds. I am able to zip through the house and get the cleaning done quickly and even have a little bit of time to focus on a project (like organizing a closet) because the basics are quick.

Dusting - wiping down everything in every room - beds, door jams, window sills, TVs and electronics, table tops, lighting, cabinets ... everything.

Bathrooms- washing mirrors, shower, bathtub, bleaching toilet and hand washing floor ONLY because its quicker and easier to hand wash a small bathroom floor - and the floor gets a much better clean if its hand washed plus I'm a boy mom.... nuff said on that.

Wash Bedding - I wash all bedding once a week- on the weekends when the hubby can help by watching the kids.

Floors- Washing the floors throughout the house makes so much of a difference and its necessary for us to keep this up weekly.


Some chores really just don't need the attention weekly and I wouldn't have time to do it all in one week on repeat anyway, so my monthly chores include:

Window treatments all window treatments blinds, drapes etc

Washing windows if they are in need.

Deep cleaning appliances- Such as coffee pots, oven and dishwasher.

Wiping kitchen cabinets- Important, especially with lighter colored cabinets

Cleaning out the fridge- I try to do as much as I can with leftovers but sometimes things pile up and I can not get my kids to eat leftovers no matter how hard I try!


Keeping up a home is a lot of work even without kids in the mix. I've noticed that maintaining a schedule helps (I use my favorite to-do app and digital calendar for reminders). Here are the items I complete seasonally, or just a couple times a year.

Washing walls- a very daunting task.

Purging closets and wardrobe - I always keep a bin for donation items in my closet so when it eventually fills up its ready to go.

Bathroom cabinets- purging unused items and washing them down.

Garage-Purging, organizing and hosing down the floor to get all the dirt and salt out from the winter.

Washer, dryer & laundry room- regular care and maintenance as needed.

Washing comforters and large bedding items - I also change out our bedding from colder weather to warmer weather with lighter blankets.

So tell me - do you have a favorite cleaning routine? Let me know in the comments.

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