It doesn't matter how seasoned you are as a traveler, everyone could use a good packing checklist to refer back to from time to time, there is northing worse than arriving at your vacation destination and realizing you forgot something major - so we decided to put together a comprehensive packing list so that never happens!


- Shampoo

- Conditioner

- Toothbrushes

- Toothpaste

- Dentil floss

- Mouthwash

- Sanitary products

- Travel sized Tissues

- Face cleansing wash or face wipes such as Burts Bees Facial Cleansing Wipes

- Sunscreen for body and face

- Face lotion

- Body lotion

- Deodorant

- Perfume/ cologne

- Cosmetics

- Razors & Shaving Kit

- Travel Sewing Kit

- Nail Kit: scissors, nail clippers, nail files etc. (this should not be packing in your carryon because TSA may take these items away from you at security)


This list includes all weather, but pack weather appropriate clothing plus some for odd weather patterns.

- Pants

- Shorts

- Sweaters

- Short and long sleeved tees

- Sun dresses

- Swim Suits

- Snow Suits

- Coats

- Under Armor or other cold weather layered under garments

- Formal attire: dresses, suits etc. in case you'd like to do something fancy.

- Semi formal attire: nice pants, dress shirts, dresses

- Sightseeing attire: Pants, shorts, sneakers, walking shoes for taking tours and sightseeing

- Shoes - a couple pairs for walking, a pair for going out or formal

- Underwear, socks, stockings etc.

- Pajamas


- Sunglasses & case

- Facemasks

- Camera & lenses

- Jewelry - packed in your carry-on

- Hats & scarfs if necessary

- Cold weather accessories

- Travel Pillow

- Headphones

- Books

- Electronics: phone, chargers etc.

- Electronic adapters

- Hair Accessories, curler, straighter, product, brush, comb


This, of course, includes any special medications you may be taking but have you also planned for unexpected illness overseas?

- Zycam or preventative over the counter medicine like Airborne

- Pain reliever

- Vitamins

- Ear drops - incase of ear issues due to flying.

- First Aid Kit

Packing for the Kiddos

On The Plane:

- Toys

- Snacks


-Sanitizing wipes & gels

- Food for infants; this can include formula, breast milk, breast pump etc.

- Extra clothes in your carryon - trust us!


Packing Pro Tips

Plan your outfits in advance

Take some free time out of your busy schedule to try on all of the cloths you plan on wearing. take photos of your outfits in the mirror and keep them on your phone.


Plan your outfits in advance and assemble them in your suitcase together with accessories included. If you have the space for this in your luggage this will save you time and energy when trying to find something to wear.

Plan for the Unexpected

Take a few moments and check out the area you will be staying in - where is there a local pharmacy, call the hotel and ask if the concierge can you assist with medical issues or getting necessary items delivered to you in a pinch. If you're going solo and staying in lost cost accommodations such as a hostel its a good idea to scope out the area when you arrive to get an idea of your surroundings.

Locate the closest embassy in case of emergency.

Locate a local pharmacy and medical facility.

Locate a local market or shopping area to purchase necessities.

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