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Updated: Jul 17, 2021

Valentines day is always a great holiday to curate a romantic and intimate date night. This year though there are less options to celebrate love day due to the need to be socially distant and the many restrictions enforced on local businesses and travel. This should not deter you from enjoying the best valentines day with your other half - whether you wanted to stay in or typically go out we've got you covered for this years quarantined valentines date night.

1. Take a Virtual Painting Class

Even pre-pandemic taking a painting class was all the rage, so why not create that same experience at home? Pre-order your art supplies online (this could also be a great way to support local businesses that may be struggling right now if they are offering grab bag supplies or curb side pickup). Find your favorite guided virtual painting class (you can find some here.) and mix up a few cocktails, try these from the Spruce for a festive treat... and voila! You have paint night!

2. Romantic Game Night

A game night will surely be a fun way to pass the time and make an evening at home something special to remember. This idea can get as racy as you'd let your imagination get after all it is Valentines Day!

Here are a few game night ideas we came up with on the fly:

Strip Poker... or any card game of your choice

Role Playing Dice such as these that we found on Amazon. They look like they are sure to make any romanic evening fun!

Cocktails and Quiz- For fun on a more personal level, find fun questions to quiz each other on such as these , and print them on small pieces of paper and mix them up in a large bowl... mix up a few cocktails (or mocktails) and enjoy the evening getting to know each other.

Truth or Dare is another "get to know you" game you can play but with more of a daring twist.

3. Dinner and a Movie

I'm not going to leave out the classic date night. Spruce this classic idea way up for an intimate at-home valentines day by creating a simple valentines themed tablescape and a special charcuterie board with a nice 3 course meal.... if that sounds like too much work for a night you'd rather enjoy then order out and plate the take out on your best serving sets.

4. Breakfast in Bed - OR- Breakfast in Bed for Dinner!

Create a romantic meal by making chocolate covered strawberries, pancakes in shapes of hearts with powdered sugar sprinkled on top and whip up some mimosas.

Gather it all onto decorative tray with a few cut long stem roses and you have breakfast for dinner in bed. Couple this idea with a few romantic Netflix movies and you just brought your A-game to the next 'Netflix and chill' date night :)

5. Virtual Online Tours

YouTube is a great resource for any travel addict, if you can find free virtual experience there that is a great free resource. But since the beginning of the pandemic there has been a massive expansion of virtual tours that allow you to experience any location in the world and countless museums. So if bingeing romantic movies aren't quite your love language this may be a great way to experience something new with your other half.


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